Variable Tuition


King’s Way Christian Schools has a tradition of assisting families of students that hope to attend King’s Way. We have a desire to serve God by meeting needs within the community, equipping students to impact their culture.

Variable Tuition awards are granted based on a family’s demonstration of need. Each family is responsible for deposits and all other school related costs.

Think You can’t afford Christian Education? Think Again!

Process & Timeline

  • Student must be enrolled for the upcoming school year by first submitting an online application.
  • The financial aid application fee is $35 (per family) and paid directly to SmartAid. This fee is non-refundable.

Funding your child’s education

School Code: 14073

In 2019/2020, King’s Way Christian Schools awarded over $850,000 in need-based financial assistance to approximately 295 of our students in grades K-12.

NEW & Transfer Students

  • Families filing applications after April 28, 2020 may qualify for aid, but may receive reduced or no award dollars due to the amount of funds distributed to families who filed their financial aid application by the stated deadline. 

Returning Students

  • April 28, 2021: Due date for variable tuition applications for returning students.
  • Variable tuition award letters are emailed to families April 21, 2021.
  • Award notification will be communicated via email upon award determination.
  • Responses to award letters must be received at the school by May 15, 2021 or the award will be rescinded.
  • If the variable tuition award is declined, the registration fee minus $50 per application will be refunded.

Financial Aid Acceptance Guidelines

  • Financial Requirement: Parents/guardians who are recipients of financial aid are responsible for the remaining tuition balance plus any school-related fees such as athletic fees, childcare, school lunches, late fee’s, etc. All monthly tuition payments must be made on time. More than one late payment may result in the financial aid award being reduced or revoked.
  • Volunteer Requirement: Families who are recipients of financial aid are required to volunteer 20 hours of service to King’s Way per school year. The volunteer hour commitment will be outlined in the variable tuition agreement letter, along with volunteer activities and opportunities. In the event King’s Way does not provide ample opportunities for families to serve, the families will not be penalized for not meeting the 20-hour requirement.