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Who our students will become and their impact on the world is one of the things we treasure; student success is our success.





Taking the Next Step

College & Career Counseling

College Counseling at King’s Way Christian High School serves the needs of each student by guiding them towards a Christian Higher Education. This process begins during their Freshman Year where our students are encouraged to dream and discover God’s calling for their lives through parent/student forums. This continues into their Junior and Senior years where they are challenged to discern and do God’s calling. Students meet regularly during their junior and senior years to discuss the college admissions process, including admissions requirements and entrance exams. 

Our King’s Way families are also provided with parent/student college information nights designed to provide general information regarding the admissions process and financial planning for college. Additionally, Christian colleges and universities from across the country are invited each fall to meet with interested students regarding their offered programs. These events occur either virtually or in-person.


college & career prep
Anne Hall

Anne Hall

College & Career Counselor

Christian Higher Education

“What is God’s will for my life?” For students who are considering college, you are in a unique position in your lives where this question begins to captivate your mind. Attending college provides many opportunities. It gives you the opportunity to build a network of people with similar and unique gifts as yours, meet new people of different backgrounds, and increase your knowledge of your potential career field.However, ministry doesn’t always take place in a church. It could look like teaching in the classroom, leading a group of people in a business, engaging in the community, or working in the medical field.

The highest ideal for an alumni of King’s Way is to be out in the world leading the way built on a strong Christian education. It matters who our students listen to every day in class, so the great value of a Christian education is that young aspiring minds and hearts are learning from godly men and women. Students at Christian colleges and universities are learning about life from their faculty and staff and peers who share a biblical worldview.

One of St. Augustine’s famous and beautiful prayers, What Do I Love When I Love My God? sheds light on the importance of a Christian higher education.

“It is not physical beauty, nor temporal glory, nor the brightness of light so dear to earthly eyes, nor the sweet melodies of all kinds of songs, nor the gentle odor of flowers or ointments or perfumes, nor manna, nor honey, nor limbs welcoming the embraces of the flesh. It is not these things I love when I love my God. Yet there is a light I love, and a food, and a kind of embrace when I love my God. A light, voice, odor, food, embrace of my innerness, where my soul is floodlit by light which space cannot contain, where there is sound that time cannot seize, where there is perfume which no breeze disperses, where there is a taste for food no amount of eating can satisfy, where there is a bond of union that no satiety can part. That is what I love, when I love my God.”

Total Scholarships Awarded 2023: $715,000

College Process

This page serves as a reference for students and parents who are beginning to Discern and Do God’s calling. Additionally, students and parents can use our new College & Career Planning Guide as you and your student begin to search for the right colleges/universities and career options after high school.


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NEW! King's Way Parent + Student Guide

Download your free PDF as a resource for families to follow.

College Planning

Determine your starting point! Planning for college can be difficult if you do not know where to start. The information in this section was designed to help provide our students and parents a starting point to begin planning for college. 

College Tours

Visiting college campuses is a wonderful opportunity for our students to see a variety of campuses before they begin the college admissions process. Students and parents can find available college tours being offered this year here.

Parents Info Nights

The college application process can be a demanding and stressful time for both parents and students. Our College & Career Advisor will aid in helping you prepare your applications as well as provide information through numerous presentations. Our Back-To-School Jump Night is designed to give you an introduction to our College Advising process and what we can help with. Your student will have additional help through regularly scheduled Individual Mentoring Sessions to discuss classes and grades to ensure that each student is on track for college. Through the help of Naviance your student will also be able to track their process, research colleges and universities, sign up for college visits, and apply for college through the Common Application.

Parent Info Nights:

  • Senior Parent Night: TBD
  • College Forum (9-10 Grade Parents): TBD
  • Junior Parent Night: TBD