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Student Outcomes

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Elementary School

After School Art Classes
Good News Bible Club
Journey Theater

Middle School 

Our Middle School students, along with their academic and elective classes, and athletic options, are invited to participate in Journey Theater, our theater partner who produces fantastic and professional productions.

High School 

King’s Way Christian High School has a full slate of activities designed to engage our student body and contribute to the positive community on campus. 

We have Homecoming and Homecoming dance, Winter Formal, Prom, Spirit Weeks, and Pep Assemblies led by our cheerleaders. Our National Honor Society plan service events like blood drives and the food and warmth drive, and we have a Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter and Bible studies that are student-led as well as teacher-led. There are many roles to fill in Chapel Leadership; from sound and tech crew to band and praise singing. Our school spirit is off the charts – we dress up for every sports event based on different themes and take rooter busses to state playoff events. There’s always something happening in the life of the school that gives us a reason to celebrate community and the pride of being King’s Way Knights!

“Play is the highest form of research.”

-Albert Einstein


Elementary School

Good News Bible Club

Middle School

Math is Cool Competition
LCREMA Solo & Ensemble competition

High School

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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At KWCS High School, we are committed to helping students discover their leadership potential, discern their particular gifting, dream of ways to use their leadership influence, and then actually do the work of leading during their high school experience. Students can apply for and be inducted into the National Honor Society, where they lead their K-12 service opportunities and events. Students can run for and serve in student government leadership positions, learning how to plan and lead major events in the life of the school and community. Students can enroll in the chapel leadership class, where they strategize, plan, and implement weekly chapels and other school wide spiritual leadership events. 

Additionally, all high school students are encouraged to attend school leadership events held in the fall and the spring. These training events are designed to help students identify key aspects of leadership and be encouraged to practice their gifts, growing into the leaders God has called them to be. KWCS has even more leadership training opportunities in the works and looks forward to expanding and enhancing leadership training opportunities through our high school program and into the community.




The King’s WAy Innovation Lab WILL BE A PLACE FOR students to create, discover, design, engineer, and build.

The new Innovation Lab will provide K-12 students a space designed for students to explore STEM-related fields. Through real-time critical thinking and trial-and-error activities, students learn to design solutions to real world problems. The Innovation Lab expands upon our vision for students to discover, discern, dream, and do.

The Innovation Lab, which is slated to open by Fall 2021, is a flexible space, with movable equipment and furniture, so students can customize their experience and challenge themselves to achieve their personal best. It is available to students to work independently and collaboratively for classwork, robotics and STEM competitions, and extra-curricular activities from any discipline.



  • 2,100 square foot space designed for limitless possibilities.


  • High tech tools and resources, including: 3D printers, Discover Drones, TETRIX Robotics, and various coding programs and equipment.
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Tech in the Classroom

Elementary School

Chromebook carts with a full classroom set are provided for each grade level. Students may be introduced to coding and innovative technology during 5th grade to help pique their interest for STEAM classes in Middle School.

Some of the programs that we work with the students on are:  

  • Clever – A learning portal students use to access all their accounts and content from teachers.
  • Lexia – A comprehensive learning program designed to support comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Students enjoy interactive learning which is supported by teacher lessons.
  • Keyboarding Without Tears – Students learn important typing skills each year to enable them to be competent keyboardists, our curriculum also covers lessons in Digital Citizenship and responsible use of technology.
  • Sumdog – A fun game-based learning site whereby students answer math, spelling or grammar questions and can compete with their peers, school and nationally. The right blend between games and content.
  • BBC Micro:bit and Crumble Microcontrollers – A small device that allows students to connect LEDS, motors and create code to program the controllers to execute specific functions.
  • Ozobots – Mini golf ball sized robots with multiple built in sensors, students can program them using colored marker pens or online using blocks and code.

Middle School

Students have access to Chromebooks in every classroom. STEAM is offered as a MS elective and some of the programs introduced are:

  • Hour of Code – During Computer Science Education Week, our middle school students participate in the Hour of Code through
  • MakeBlock, mbot robots – STEAM education robots that make learning robot programming simple and fun.

It’s important to note that when people think of technology, often only robots and 3D printers come to mind. But the “T” in the technology part of STEAM stands for any type of man-made object/device. Technology includes simple tools such as pulleys, wheels, levers, scissors, and ramps. Experience with these manipulative forms of technology acts as a significant contributing factor to a child’s cognitive development. As children observe and learn the underlying cause and effect through active exploration, their minds are better able to comprehend processes and so much of their future learning will build upon these foundations.  

High School

See 1:1 Laptop Program

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1:1 Laptop Program – High School

King’s Way Christian High School has rolled out its first 1:1 laptop program in 2020. This means that every high school student will be receiving a Chromebook that will be assigned to them for the school year. Their device will be theirs to take home with them, to be turned in on the last day of school for maintenance and repair. Returning students will be issued the same device the following school year. High school students will receive a new device every two years, and graduating seniors will be gifted their device to take with them to college.

We agree with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), who developed standards for students, teachers, administrators, and other key school roles. These are the seven standards that frame what we hope students will become: 

1. Empowered Learners
2. Digital Citizens
3. Knowledge Constructors
4. Innovative Designers
5. Computational Thinkers
6. Creative Communicators
7. Global Collaborators through the appropriate use of technology 

Like ISTE, we believe that, in the hands of gifted teachers, technology can be integrated into a student’s educational experience in a way that helps students meet these standards.  

Spiritual Growth

Mission Trips

Students have the opportunity to serve through mission trips both nationally and internationally. Mission trips challenge students to grow personally, culturally, and spiritually as they share the gospel in both words and deeds. Students have been to places like inner city Baltimore, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Taiwan. God uses service experiences locally, nationally, and globally  to foster a personal and corporate love for the world.   

Mission Trip Opportunities 

  • 2 – 4 trips are scheduled yearly
  • Sophomores are eligible to travel domestically 
  • Upper Classmen are eligible to go internationally 
  • Teams range from 6 – 25 students 
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Community Service

King’s Way Christian High School fosters a heart of service and compassion for people. One of our spiritual formation student outcomes states:  

Students will work and serve with respect and integrity wherever God has called them. 

  1. (Know) Understand that work and service have dignity as an expression of the nature of God.

  2. (Value) Embrace their role in fulfilling the Great Commission and their call to serve and not be served.

  3. (Do) Do their best work for the Lord and for others wherever they are called. (Col. 3:23)

Just as Jesus modeled and challenged his followers to serve locally and globally we want to do the same. We provide opportunities for students through their Bible classes to serve locally by inviting them to perform twenty hours of community service each year. This can take place individually through serving at different organizations like a local church or a food bank or with one of our local partnerships like the Giving Closet.

High School students are required to do 20 hours per year (10 per semester).


“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

-Matthew 5:16


KWCS logo knight

King’s Way has a thriving athletics program. Our student athletes are competitive and driven both on and off the field. Our program is built so that students who are interested in athletics will be able to build on their skills season-to-season as well as increase their goals. Also, multi-sport athletes are supported and encouraged.

Fresh Lunch Made Daily

5-Star lunch Options

King’s Way Hot/Cold/Fresh Lunch is prepared fresh daily by Chef Cara Wade, Director of Culinary Services, and her team of trained culinary professionals. There are multiple options daily, including a salad/potato bar, hot lunch, sides, and cookies. Cookies and other snack items are extra, but worth it.

Families must log into Mealtime to prepay. NoteCash/check will not be accepted at checkout. 

Affordable, Fresh, and Convenient

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Grades K-5


Love Lunch 01 01

Grades 6-12


Fresh Lunch 01 1

Grades K-5


Love Lunch 01 01

Grades 6-12


Lunch price includes one milk or water. 
Lunch for full-time Learning Center students is included in tuition.