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The mission of our athletics department is to use the medium of sport to teach the values and virtues of passion, commitment, and integrity for the purpose of modeling a walk with Christ. We will use the analogue of adverse and successful situations common in the arena of athletics to reveal the character of Christ and ultimately provide the skill sets necessary for our student-athletes to pursue their calling. Our culture of unified coaches mean that our many athletes who participate in multiple sports hear consistent, strong, and well-defined communication so that the culture grows in rich soil.

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We can and WE WILL do this the King’s Way!

Athletic Director Jared Valentine is a visionary who is formatting athletics to bring our student athletes to the next step in competition, including:

  • Designing outlets for our athletes to reveal and discover Christ’s character through the medium of athletics. 
  • Encouraging all students to participate in an athletic program.
  • Understanding the difference between right and privilege.
  • Preparing for wins, not expecting them – winning is a by-product of preparation.
  • Holding ourselves accountable, learning through failure and winning with grace.

Athletics Core Values

CULTURE OF NOTICEABLE PASSION – Passion is a gift from God that we use to pursue our gifts and calling. Together as coaches, we will cultivate an environment to ignite passion. Passion is defined as “strong; barely controllable”. This is reflective and noticeable as it is manifested outwardly. Yet, passion is also infectious. Our coaches will come to practice, games and events full of passion and the by-product of that will be a fun and exciting environment in which, our athletes will be driven to pursue their passion and calling.

CULTURE OF NOTICEABLE COMMITMENT – Our passion will be directed and focused and that by-product will be commitment to our coaches athletes, parents, fellow coaches, school and process. Each time we approach the field, the pitch, the court or the mat, our coaches disciplined approach to commitment will be a shining light that is noticeable to our athletes and be a model of success for our to prepare and execute.  

CULTURE OF NOTICEABLE INTEGRITY – With the fuel of passion that manifests itself into focused commitment, we will endeavor to live by a calling of truth, honesty and virtue. We as coaches will set the tone for our athletes so that as we navigate the waters of success and adversity, trials and tribulations, our athletes, parents and community can rely on us to do the right thing constantly. We know that it starts with us, the top, and then washes over our athletes.

Athletics News

New Football Coach Dale Rule

New Football Coach Dale Rule

King’s Way Football is under new leadership! Dale Rule, most recently an assistant football coach for the Camas Papermakers, has agreed to guide Knight’s Football for the 2023 season. Dale’s experience, charisma, and deep conviction that football is a tool to grow students and point them to Jesus helped him stand out as an exceptional leader for the King’s Way community. 

New Softball Coach Lynsey Sica

New Softball Coach Lynsey Sica

King’s Way Athletics has a new softball Coach! Lynsey Sica, who is currently serving on campus as a Middle School math teacher, has agreed to lead our softball program for the 2023 campaign. (Click headline to read more)

Football Home Opener: Free Tailgate BBQ

Football Home Opener: Free Tailgate BBQ

Friday, September 12 is our football home opener! Plan to come out to our FREE TAILGATE BBQ to meet other KWCS families and then stay to cheer on the Knights! #fridayknightlights

Welcome Soccer Program Coordinator Andy Thoma

Welcome Soccer Program Coordinator Andy Thoma

King’s Way Athletics is excited to announce our second important soccer hire of the summer. Andy Thoma, who is currently serving as the Junior Academy Director with the Washington Timbers, has agreed to fill the role of Soccer Programs Coordinator for King’s Way High School. (Click headline to read more)