Middle School


We provide an engaging, Christ-centered learning environment, and view every student as part of our family. 

In middle school, we focus on making sure students are relational Christ-centered while we guide them through their educational journey.

A Simple Equation

Academic Rigor + Skill Building x Character Traits = Middle School

One of our responsibilities is to equip students with social skills and constantly be focused on learning opportunities as it relates to their character. Some of these skills we hold in high regard are honesty, accountability, respect, responsibility, and thankfulness. Most, if not all, of the character traits we foster have Biblical roots and therefore Chapel serves as a great medium for teaching this. Ultimately, our staff is expected to (and they do!) model these traits for our students.

Middle School Trips & Events

  •  7th/8th Grade Retreat
  • 6th grade Royal Ridges
  • 6th grade Oregon Zoo
  • 6th grade Clark County Food Bank
  • 6th grade Columbia Springs
  • 6th grade Ape Caves
  • MS after-school Social
  • 8th grade Washington DC Trip (optional)
  • Food & Warmth Drive
  • Open House
  • 6th grade Greek Week
  • 6th grade Speech Meet

Electives: Unique options

Middle school students have a lot of exciting electives to choose from: Theater, Band, Choir, P.E., STEAM, Leadership, Creative Writing, Journalism, Introduction to Language & Culture, and Art. 

In a culture where most schools are minimizing these options, we are growing and expanding ours. 

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“I like that it’s a Christian school and we can all be open about how we feel about the Lord and that we have a choice to believe in Him.”

– Josiah, Class of ’25

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“I like that there’s a lot of really nice teachers. They all love you and care for you and everybody is so nice.”

– Abigail, Class of ’24

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

Having friends, close teammates, good education, sports programs and great teachers.”

– Lucas, Class of ’25

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“I’ve have a lot of really good friends that have been here since preschool, but I enjoy getting to know people in different grades. I have a friend who is a Junior in HS and friends in 6th grade and I’m in 8th grade. It’s such a close community.”

– Allison, Class of ’24

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“I like the teachers because you have one-on-one time with them and you get to know them really well.”

– River, Class of ’25

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“How we can incorporate religion with school freely and how we have that with every aspect of the school. We’re surrounded by a bunch of people who love on you and show you how to be a great person. Such great leaders and role models here.”
– Logan, Class of ’24

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“I like King’s Way because the kids here are always very nice and inviting.”

– Matthew, Class of ’24

OBjective: Faith for Life

Above all else, we desire your child to have a relationship with the Lord that impacts the way they approach every area of their lives (academics, arts, athletics, etc). We believe our culture and our staff provide a foundation for your child to reach their full potential in the Lord and prepare them for the rest of their lives.

Kindness counts

We consistently work to promote and model positive, kind behavior. We encourage any bystander to not be silent and to stand up and support their peers verbally. In addition, we encourage anyone who feels they are not being treated well to inform a teacher or administrator.


We have one of the best chefs in the state, Chef McCaulley, who prepares fresh lunch daily onsite in our professional grade kitchen. He and his team take great pride in preparing food that is made from scratch and uses fresh ingredients; you’ll be surprised what your Middle Schooler is willing to eat! 

Need Before & After School Care?

Care available from 6:30am to 6:00pm for up to 13 years old

Middle School Teachers & Staff

Lynette McHenry

T-8 Principal

Kate Paul

MS Assistant Principal

Paris Shewey

T-8 Campus Pastor

Betsy Zoesch

6th Grade

Dan Smith

7th/8th Math

Dani Martin

7th/8th Science

Gail Kunkle

7th/8th History

Jacob Nagy

8th Grade Bible & Passport Around The World

Jennifer Martin

STEAM and Art
Judy Mathison

Judy Mathison

6th Grade

Kaitlin Johnson

Student Success, Leadership, Yearbook

Randy Frasier

MS/HS Choir

Ty Johnson

MS Health and Fitness & 7th Grade Bible

Wendy LaFrenz

6th Grade

Lynsey Sica


Ashlie Harmon

MS Office

Betsy Oliverio

MS Aide

Jessica Otto


Raven Hews