Elementary School


King’s Way Christian Elementary School has developed a curriculum to challenge the intellectual development of our students as well as integrate Biblical principles throughout the entire school day.


Our elementary school students are purposefully and intentionally taught to be respectful responsible .

Where we love to learn and learn to love

We Value What You Value

King’s Way Christian Elementary School places a great emphasis on values.  The unique combination of academic excellence and spiritual devotion makes King’s Way rise above the rest.

A growing awareness of the people around us and how each child fits into the community is a value that King’s Way Christian wishes to impart to all of its students. Our students are involved in many projects that help instill the moral values by which God has called us to live. Through service projects, sacrificial giving, and hands-on curriculum, King’s Way Christian strives to teach an appreciation and dedication to God through moral responsibilities. 

King’s Way Christian Elementary School seeks to: 

  •  Teach students the importance of loving and respecting each other, because all people are valuable in God’s eyes, regardless of physical, social, economic, ethnic, or other factors.
  • Teach students to recognize their weaknesses without developing a sense of failure, to overcome their weaknesses when possible, and to develop their strengths without developing arrogance.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to participate in group activities designed to develop cooperative attitudes and skills; deferring to others’ strengths, contributing their own strength, and encouraging each other in areas of weakness.
  • Teach students that a person’s value is independent of his or her performance.

Elementary’s Main Yearly Events: 

  • Grade Level Programs – (throughout the year)
  • Grandparent’s Day – March
  • Open House – May
  • Kindergarten Graduation – June
  • Field Day – Last Day of School

Elementary Field Trips 

  • Kindergarten – Pumpkin Patch & Children’s Theatre 
  • 1st Grade – OMSI, Portland Zoo
  • 2nd Grade – Franz Bakery, Oregon Children’s Theatre
  • 3rd Grade – Rock Museum, Mountain View Ice Arena
  • 4th Grade – Mt. Saint Helens, Olympia (State Capital), Ft. Vancouver
  • 5th Grade – J.A. BizTown, Willamette JetBoats

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“Hanging out with my friends and getting to learn about God.”

– Wesley, Class of ’29

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“Seeing my teachers and having reading buddies and seeing my friends. Everyone is kind to me.”

– Meti, Class of ’31

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

We get to know about God, which most schools you don’t get to. We have chapel every week, which I like, and in 5th grade we have specials; you get to go to choir or band or PE. It’s really fun and there’s a lot of nice kids here and a lot of great teachers too.”
– Natalie, Class of ’27

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“Seeing my teacher Miss Farler and learning. Also, I want to be a Zookeeper when I grow up. My favorite animal is the Hippo.”
– Benjamin, Class of ’30

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“To learn and see my friends.”
“Seeing my friends and learning.”

– Madison & Makenzie, Class of ’30

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

– Issac, Class of ’32

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“Getting to read the Bible every day and playing with my friends.”
– Hazel, Class of ’29

My favorite thing about going to King's Way is...

“Getting to go to a Christian schools and being able to talk about God and sing about God and everyone is really nice here.”

– James, Class of ’28

The Morning Mile

One of the many things that set King’s Way apart is the recognition of meeting students where they are in order to urge them to a higher standard. The implementation of the Morning Mile is exactly what it sounds like: 15 mins every morning for the students to decide what they need. Some might want to run, walk, talk with friends, or get some extra time with a teacher.

Need Before & After School Care?

Care available from 6:30am to 6:00pm for up to 13 years old

Elementary School Teachers & Staff

Lynette McHenry

T-8 Principal

Tom Judd

T-5 Assistant Principal

Dondi Theis

ES Admin Support

Marla Stone

T-5 Admissions

Paris Shewey

T-8 Campus Pastor & 4-8 Athletic Director

Alicia Hood

3rd Grade

Alina Bjerre


Autumn Beck

1st Grade

Barbara Andrews

1st Grade

Emma LaGoy

5th Grade

Erica Bason


Herman Chan

3rd Grade

Jillian Warmack

3rd Grade

JoAnna Agan

1st Grade

Kathi Long

ES Library

Karen Fernald


Kyle Baron

4th Grade

Lindsey Holmes

2nd Grade

Lori Blaisdell

1st Grade

Marge Swearer

ES Music/MS Band

Marissa Smith


Maylyn Kunita

5th Grade

Nancy Colvin


Nina Porter


Sarah Farler

2nd Grade

Sarah Murphy

5th Grade

Stephani Clark

ES Makerspace

Tania Hutchin

2nd Grade

Wendy Rossman

4th Grade