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8th Grader Andrew Burgoyne gifts KW with a beautiful welcome sign!

We would like to highlight our 8th grader, Andrew Burgoyne! Andrew, a proud Eagle Scout, was given the opportunity to serve in his community for his Eagle Scout ranking. He chose to serve all of us here at King's Way. Andrew took upon himself to raise the funds and...

Knight Nation makes the front page!

The Columbian came to King's Way and toured our Knight Nation Market Place. "KNIGHT NATION- It's mid-afternoon at Knight Nation, a small country off 78th Street in Vancouver. And despite its apparent isolation, this nation is thriving." Read the full article below....

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Knights volunteer to scrub bleachers before school

A group of King’s Way Middle School students and one High School Freshman volunteered three mornings before school to scrub out the west bleachers of the school gym on the week of November 27-December 1st. The purpose was to prepare our bleachers for the visiting...

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Nurse Message: End of the year Medication Pick-up

King's Way Christian Schools Student Health Services  End of the School Year Medication Pick Up Dear Parent/Guardian, Hard to believe it’s that time already, but we are making plans to close out the school year.  This includes seeing that the medication your child has...

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