Hello King’s Way Family:

It is that wonderful time to Launch our Fall Bible Study.

Our Study will start out with this year with a 11-week series called “Breaking Free”  Jesus and Holy Spirit want freedom for you in your life.
This in-depth women’s Bible study draws parallels between the captive Israelites of the Old Testament and New Testament believers in Jesus as the Promised Messiah. Beth looks at the Book of Isaiah through the lives of the kings who ruled during the prophet’s ministry. These kings exemplify many of the obstacles to freedom with which we must deal. Using Scripture to help identify ‘spiritual strongholds’ in your life, no matter how big or small, Beth explains that anything that hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage.

I’m excited dive into God’s word!!  I would love us to come into bible study this year with anticipation of a great adventure.  Whether you have been coming for years or have wanted to but not sure. Whether you have years of bible knowledge or never have been to a study you are in the safe place.  Have children, grandkids, no kids you are welcome. Please come, invite a friend from school, your church, a neighbor, family that could use uplifting in their week. When we are unified we can multiply and show the love of Christ to all who we encounter each day.  Look forward to seeing you.

Start Time: 8:45 am
End Time: 11 am
Room 120 Elementary Building (Please enter through church office or Elementary/middle school side)   If you have been at the school for a long time then you know how to get to the room.  🙂
**Childcare Provided**
Books $20- extra goes to help pay for child care that the church provides

I pray that your heart is stirring and that you will come.  We will have women speaking each week, then video teaching and time to interact/talk on what we’ve learned through out the week.  Our school tag line this year #everyonehasastory  will tie in perfectly.

Below is a video of what that study is about.  Enjoy and look forward to seeing you or meeting you October 2nd.  Any questions please email us at: kwmomsbiblestudy@gmail.com

Love and Respect,

Katherine Gomes
Beth Smith


I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13