A group of King’s Way Middle School students and one High School Freshman volunteered three mornings before school to scrub out the west bleachers of the school gym on the week of November 27-December 1st.

The purpose was to prepare our bleachers for the visiting teams’ fans during basketball and wrestling events this winter.  It has been some time since the bleachers have had a good scrubbing so the students had their work cut out for them!

Our Knights started meeting at 6:45am for three mornings and cleaned away!  We are very grateful for all the hard work our Knights put in. A big thank you to  Zachary Singleton, Josh Pop, Abbi Struthers, David Struthers, Isabel Coring and Sam Jensen! We would also like to thank Mrs. Struthers and Mrs. Coring for coming in each morning and helping our students to clean.



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