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Year End 2020: An Enduring Legacy

Whether you measure your days as a Knight in months, years, or decades, we are grateful for the role you play in our community and the ways you and your family add to the unique character of our school. 

King’s Way Christian Schools were built on the premise that a quality, private, Christian education was desired for families in Vancouver, WA. Vancouver Church and multiple administrators over the years are responsible for the community we enjoy today. However, its fate and future now rest with the generations that follow. It is our responsibility to continue to join hands, hearts, and minds to continue the legacy laid out before us and to grow the vision for the future. Especially in times of uncertainty and when there are big challenges to face, philanthropy and advocacy play essential roles in seeing our community through those times. Our collective participation in annual giving not only provides financial stability to weather financial setbacks, but signals our unity and commitment to the King’s Way community.

We are continually grateful for the variety of ways King’s Way receives support each year. Whether you give your time as a volunteer, act an advocate in the community, or make financial contributions to our programs, your commitments sustain us, and preserve the extraordinary learning environments that allow our students to thrive. 

We are touched by the ongoing support, encouragement, generosity, and care you continue to show the King’s Way to and your fellow Knights during this time. King’s Way embraces putting action to the words: Discover, Discern, Dream, Do! – We ask you to do the same and donate to our end-of-the year giving campaign today. 


Investing in the Kingdom

At King’s Way, we strive to foster a culture of giving. This is evident in the ongoing support from our families, alumni, staff & faculty and community members that believe in the power of Christian education to transform lives and prepare students for lives of faith, leadership and service in the classroom, in competition, and in their communities.

King’s Way has great plans to broaden the impact that we can have in our community and in the lives of students. Our development team works to build more deep and meaningful relationships, create impactful experiences, and to play our part in growing the Kingdom.

If you’d like to contribute or learn more about giving to King’s Way, please contact Terry Stokesbary at

Last year, King’s Way Christian Schools awarded over $925,000 in need-based financial assistance to approximately 295 of our students in grades K-12.

Every Family is a Giver

Parent Volunteer Team

At King’s Way, we have a robust parent volunteer program and joining our team can be immensely beneficial to you as a parent!

Why our parents volunteer:

  • Meet other parents who can give you deeper insights into the lives of your children and their classmates
  • Create new personal and professional relationships
  • Develop a deeper connection with your child’s school
Volunteering is an expression of your interest in, and commitment to, your child’s daily life. Join our team!

If you’re interested in being a part of our Parent Volunteer Team please email our volunteer coordinator Courtney at

The Development Team

Terry Stokesbary

Terry Stokesbary

Director of Development

Terry Stokesbary recently joined the King’s Way family.  His responsibility is to lead the development efforts of the school. Prior to King’s Way, Terry has had two long careers, first he was on staff with Young Life for 24 years, and second he served at M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, completing his 22 years there as the Senior Program Director. At the Trust, he was responsible to develop and build the curriculum for training programs such as board leadership and fundraising. 

Terry is looking forward to building on past efforts of the development team. He believes that he will stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before. He is excited about the big visions King’s Way has for the future and is looking forward to fuel those visions.


Mary Hill

Mary Hill

Development Office Assistant

Mary Hill is new to the King’s Way family. She began her current position on March 2, 2020.  She is an integral part of the school’s development team. Prior to joining King’s Way, she worked for 20 years at the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust here in Vancouver, WA. While at the Murdock Trust, she helped to coordinate a number of training efforts for a wide array of nonprofit organizations. Part of her responsibilities were involved in programs around fundraising and board development. 

Mary is looking forward to bringing her specific skill set to King’s Way.  She is especially looking forward to getting to know families and sharing the school’s vision with those families and the larger community. She believes deeply in the role that development plays in any organization, especially here at King’s Way.


King’s Way Christian Schools is a registered non-profit organization under the IRS 501(c)3 requirement. Your gift is tax deductible. Our taxpayer ID # is 47-3890449.