We want to foster a sense of Family. Kindness and Gratitude this year.  In order to do this, we are doing our KW All-In Challenge, little ways to help foster these qualities will be shared over the morning announcements, through social media and on our website.  


Family – week one

10.2 Monday – “Make Friends Monday”. Take some time to talk to three people you don’t know yet, and get to know something unique about them.

10.3 Tuesday – “Tech Free Tuesday”. Try not using electronic devices today and go old school and be present with everyone you talk to w/out interruptions.

10.4 Wednesday – “With Someone New Wednesday.” Sit with or go to lunch with someone you normally don’t hang out with.  

10.5 Thursday. “Thoughtful Thursday” Pray for your locker people.

10.6 Friday. “Family Friday” Take some time to value your family this weekend.  Take a picture of what you did and post to IG – Tag KW and include hashtag #allin


Kindness – week two

10.9 Monday- “Message Monday” Write 5 Notes of Encouragement to 5 different people throughout your day today.

10.10 Tuesday- “Treat Somebody Tuesday” bring a coffee or treat to a friend or staff at KW.

10.11 Wednesday-  “Do Something Wed.”  Do 3 random act of kindness today for three different people.

10.12 Thursday- “Thoughtful Thursday” Write a letter to a family member that lets them know how much you care.

10.13 Friday- “Family Friday” Compliment a friend or teacher on social media a few times over the weekend tag KW use #allin


Gratitude – week three

10.16 Monday. “Message Monday” Write a note to a teacher/coach/KW staff that you are thankful for or that has impacted you.

10.17 Tuesday. “Thankfulness Tuesday” Make a thankful list of 15 things you will share with your family.

10.18 Wednesday. “Thanks Walk Wednesday” While walking through the halls today, make sure you thank someone in between every class for something you are thankful for about them.  

10.19 Thursday. “Thoughtful Thursday” Write a prayer of gratitude at some point during your day, thanking God for his love and provision in your life on our “Thankful Prayer Wall” outside of the gym.    

10.20 Friday. “Flashback Friday”  – Over the weekend, post a picture on social media explaining something meaningful that happened during the All-In Challenge.  Tag KW and #allin