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Our GROWING Drama Program

The ability to communicate ideas in public settings is vital in fulfilling the Great Commission, as is serving in high profile positions, leading organizations, representing disenfranchised groups, and in so many other aspects of serving the common good. In order to help develop that ability, King’s Way offers drama as part of its high school programs.

The mission of our high school drama department is to help students discover their personal gifts in Dramatic Arts through exploring areas such as scene writing, monologues, improvisation, play production, speech and public performances. 

In 2019, King’s Way partnered with Journey Theater to offer after-school classes onsite. King’s Way currently offers drama to 7th and 8th grade students and will include drama as a high school course offering in Fall 2020.

The focus of our drama classes are to engage students in self-discovery and development of confidence with: 

  • Public speaking
  • Scene work, monologues, plays, improv
  • School performances
  • Being a part of a social group working towards a goal or performance 

Frasier_RandyRandy Fraiser
MS & HS Drama 

Mr. Fraiser is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a BA in Music Education and a minor in Theater. He taught for 26 years in the Evergreen School District and has been at King’s Way for 12 years. He’s a past President of the Lower Columbia River Music Educators Association. His choirs have performed at state and regional Music Educators Conferences.

Mr. Fraiser is a wild sports fan who has coached baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball. He’s an avid walker, camper, is always looking to take out his jet skis, and he’s usually in the middle of a book. He has served on staff at local churches: Cascade Park Baptist, New Heights, and Vancouver Church. Mr. Fraiser is a life-long resident of Vancouver and is married with three kids.

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