International Student Program

We are excited for you to join the King’s Way family

Welcome to King's Way Christian


Here at King’s Way Christian High School, we are a non-denominational Christian school where offerings include AP (Advanced Placement) courses, concurrent college credits, competitive athletics and other activities.  Our International Student Coordinator, Christine Nguyen offers direct support for our students in academics, leadership roles, cultural and college admissions.


Most of our student applications are processed through agency organizations where their partnership proves for a smooth transition with support and guidance.  If you are interested in applying for admissions, please contact one of these agencies:

Private School Exchange  (Kristina Neiman)

Greenheart Exchange (


We also work with other organizations, so if you are currently connected with another agency, you may contact us to determine if you may apply directly through them.  For questions concerning admissions or our international program please contact Val Coval in Admissions at



International Students must submit an application through their agency for consideration.  Once the application is processed we will schedule an interview via Skype, or similar application.

TUITION 2018-19

Registration:  $270 ($350 after April 30)

Administrative Fee:  $400

Technology Fee:  $250

Tuition:  $16,400



Textbooks/ebooks: $250 (estimate)

Athletic Fees: $100 per sport

Laptop required

Medical Insurance (Agency will provide)

Host family fees (determined by your agency)



If you are looking for the opportunity to host an International Student please contact Val Coval in admissions or one of the agencies listed above.



Where are they now?

Our Knights go on to accomplish great things 

By the time students graduate from our high school they are better equipped for the challenges that lie ahead of them be those
in University, College, Trade School, Career, or Military Service.

They not only have developed a solid academic foundation; they have developed their faith and sense of purpose through relationships established with teachers, coaches, staff and peers.

We take great pride in recognizing the different paths our graduates have taken and with our senior class growing each year we have a King’ Way Alumni community that stretches across the nation and into foriegn countries.