The Online Academy


We live in an ever-changing world where education and opportunity intersect. For those students who need flexibility, as well as a desire a community of people who care that you are getting the best Christian education has to offer, our online school might be the answer for you.

The King’s Way Online Academy

On-Demand Instruction

King’s Way Online Academy is one of the most sophisticated distance learning platforms on the West Coast, on par with some of the most advanced technologies that are being utilized in universities today.    

King’s Way has invested into Swivl™ technology for every classroom, which allows the camera to follow the teacher while instructing the class, and students can view lecture recordings same-day to complete assignments. 

Students will submit all of their schoolwork directly into the Blackbaud Learning Management System. Online Academy students are responsible to keep up with the class and learn at the same pace as in-person students. 

Our Online Academy, taught with a biblical worldview from Christian teachers, is a viable option for families who are looking for something different.

The Online Academy is being offered to Full-time Students, Grades 6-12, at 65% of the regular tuition cost. 



  • Self-paced accredited Christian education
  • Identical curriculum pacing
  • Increased number of electives
  • Campus life options – outlined below

Online Academy students are invited to participate in any of the following on-campus activities:

  • Chapel 
  • Field trips 
  • Clubs 
  • Assemblies
  • Athletics

Connect with US!

If you want to know if King’s Way Online School would be a good fit for your family, begin by filling out this simple form and we’ll contact you and answer all your questions. 

The Online Academy Contact Form

Schedule and Workflow Info 

The links below provide a sample of what a typical week in the life of an Online Academy student might look like. 

Deadline & Misc. Info

The deadline to apply for the Online Academy is TBD for 2021/22. If you are interested in applying to the Online Academy, please contact the coordinator below.

Questions and general inquiries can be sent via the contact form to the right or directly to:

Online Coordinator
Kate Paul:

Tuition for 2020-2021: