Academic Support

Mission Statement

The King’s Way Academic Support Department is designed to encourage and support students needing additional assistance to be successful and meet grade level expectations. The support team partners with students, parents, classroom teachers, and administrators to help the student accelerate their learning progress and become independent, life-long learners.


  Our support team uses a wide variety of intervention programs in the academic areas of math and reading. This is accomplished during the school day through both private and group models of instruction. Homework is an essential part of each program to help reinforce the skills taught during sessions.



The math support department uses two intervention/support programs that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student.

Math Concept Reinforcement Program

The Math Concept Reinforcement Program is designed to directly support what is being taught in the classroom in grades K-8. Students recommended for this program are able to keep up with grade level concepts, but are in need of additional supports in order to master them. Additional supports could include the classroom concepts presented in a different way utilizing manipulatives or visuals, as well as useful teaching, and learning theories to differentiate learning to accommodate different learning styles. These students attend their regular math class but leave early to receive services 2-5 times per week for approximately a half hour.

Tailored Math Instruction Program

The Tailored Math Instruction Program is designed to meet the individual needs of each student in grades 3-12. Students recommended for this program are either behind their peers in their mastery of math concepts or just needing more tailored instruction in order to be successful. Speed of the course, content covered and instructional methods will be individualized and adapted to guide the student to mastery. These students receive services daily in place of their traditional math class and meet for approximately 50 minutes per day.



The reading support department uses two reading intervention systems to raise the literacy achievement of students who need to meet grade level expectations.  Students will be tested to determine which program will best meet their needs.

Barton Reading and Spelling Intervention Program

The Barton program is an intensive reading and spelling intervention program that uses multisensory, structured, and sequential instruction. Barton emphasizes letter sounds, decoding of unfamiliar words, fluency, and vocabulary. This program is one-on-one and meets twice a week for sessions.

Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Program 

The Fountas and Pinnell program is a systematic intensive literacy intervention for students who need additional help with reading. It uses leveled books and lessons to increase phonological awareness, comprehension, and reading vocabulary. The program meets four days a week and students are placed as individuals or in groups of two, depending on their reading level.

The cost will not be prorated, but based on the number of days a student receives services each week resulting in a monthly flat rate. More detailed information is included in the Academic Support contract.

Math Fees for Services


Math Concept Reinforcement

# of weekly sessions 2 3 4 5
Monthly fee (Sept – May) $140 $210 $280 $350


Tailored Math Instruction: 5 days a week


# of students 1-2 3 4
Monthly fee

9 Months (Sept – May)

$465 $372 $325
Monthly fee

10 months (Sept – June)

$420 $336 $295

Reading Fees for services


Barton Reading Spelling program

# of weekly sessions      2
Monthly fee (Sept- May) $290


Fountas and Pinnell Reading Intervention program

# of weekly sessions    4
Monthly fee (Sept- May) $360


King’s Way offers scholarships for families who need financial assistance with academic support tuition payments. Scholarship applications approved will be awarded a 25% reduction on monthly tuition payments. Applications can be requested through the Academic Support Department or through the school offices.


IEP’s/504 plans

An IEP is an Individualized Educational Plan developed by the public school system for a child identified with a disability to receive specialized instruction and related services.

A 504 Plan is a plan developed by the public school system to ensure that a child with an identified disability receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success.

King’s Way is not required to comply with IEPs or 504 plans, although King’s Way does take these plans into consideration when providing academic support to King’s Way students.


Referral Process

If there are concerns about a student’s academic progress, a referral can be made by either a parent or teacher to the Academic Support Department.  Upon receiving the referral paperwork, the department will begin the testing process and gather additional information. At the conclusion of the testing, a meeting  will be set up with parents to discuss the results and recommendations for services. Initial testing fees range from $50- $100.


“My math coach has helped, encouraged, and been such a blessing in my life over the past four years. My confidence in math has increased so much thanks to her kindness and patience with me.”

-Current 9th Grade KW Student

“Academic Support Department has been a Godsend for our family. The reading coach has been able to use the Barton curriculum to allow my child to become more of a competent and confident reader while encouraging him during the inherent emotional struggles that comes with having a learning disability.” 

-Parent of a Homeschool Student

“Our daughter came to King’s Way in the 4th grade.  She was almost 2 years behind in reading when she started here. It was suggested by her 4th grade teacher that we utilize the ASD program that King’s Way had to offer.  The program has been an amazing experience for our daughter and for our family. We feel very blessed and are forever grateful for all the tutors she has worked with over the past few years. They have gone above and beyond in helping her to achieve success.  We can proudly say that she has caught up to her grade level in reading and her confidences in her abilities have really started to shine. We would highly recommend the ASD program at King’s Way to any student who needs some extra help.”

-KW Middle School Parent